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Live Well, Be Well,

Feel Well

Diet Nutrition Genetics

Dynamic and energised, with clarity of mind and thought, confident and so much happier without too much effort or deprivation.

Health is Your First Wealth

There is a wonderful conversation going on in our bodies every day which is why your health and wellbeing is such a personal experience. We all want to be healthy, productive and full of energy, yet how we respond to the food we eat and the environment around us, is completely unique.

You are an individual, and with genetic testing and analysis as one of the tools we use, in addition to on-going support on your programme, you receive a much more tailored and personalised approach, that fits in with your busy lifestyle. You feel so much more empowered and better informed to make the right choices that nourish and energise.

Clients come to Dinutrigen because they want to take back control of their health, their wellbeing and to feel revitalised. A few simple tweaks to your diet, in combination with the right support, could make a big difference to your body and how you feel each day.

Live well, be well & feel well

Dinutrigen offers preventative, personalised, and proactive support using nutritional genomics as a tool to busy professional women struggling with low energy, low mood, and a very full workload!

With an MSc in Personalised Nutrition, Ruth Templeton is a qualified, registered nutritional therapy practitioner with a particular interest in Overall Well-being, Mental Health, Stress, Persistent Low Mood, and Gut Health.

Coming Soon - Online Group Programmes

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